Vermitid Snail? Edit: ID as Peanut Worm


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Hey guys, this worm/snail was more than a foot away from its “home”. The rock I usually see it in is in the middle of my tank. It pops up in many different places throughout the rock and sand. I’ve read that Vermitid snails create a mucus net but I haven’t seen one yet. I’ve attached the video I just took if anyone knows what it is. Thanks!
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Not a vermitid. Vermitids are stationary and make a spiral tube shell. Yours looks like something more related to nassarius or cone snail but you won't know until you see the whole creature. I assume it was a hitch-hiker? These are vermitids living on a snail's shell:

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They're really cool- they generally come extending and sweeping out at night, and can live years and years, growing large while hiding in a chosen nook in live rock. They also tend to be highly resilient; if you wake up one morning and see several lying dead in your tank, there are serious problems.