volitan and fuzzy dwarf?


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I have one of each of them together with no problem what so ever. They are currently in a 100 gal tank, soon to be moved to a 220.


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Re: volitan and fuzzy dwarf?

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can these 2 fish be kept together without any problems or will the volitan pick on the dwarf?

If there's a big enough difference in size, the volitans will simply eat the dwarf. If there's almost enough difference in size, the volitans might try that anyway, which can lead to the death of both fish at once.

Itz Irish

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hm i believe theres a few that stay under 20...such as the Argus,Clown,Blueline,Coney,Miniatus, and Red V-Tail...but im not entirely sure if thats accurate, a few websites i have been to have said that...HTH


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Yeah, Itz Irish basically hit the nail on the head. There's probably a few more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.