Wanting to fine tune...


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Ok Reef Gods, lend me your wisdom.

I am new to the hobby having been in it for the last 7 months now. According to recommendations per the LFS I have been adding Carbonate Hardness on Mon, Wed, Fri & Calcium on Tues, Thurs, Sat. We have a 75G tank with various corals, LPS, SPS, and softies. I understand that we want the tank to be as stable as possible.
What type of testing schedule should I use to help fine tune my chemicals?
Does my dosing schedule makes sense, any suggestions?
Is there an easier way to keep my tanks levels stable?

Currently we are using Seachem products and have been dosing 2TBSP at each dosing. Does this seem like alot?

Thanks in advance


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I did a Calcium test tonight. I added 18 drops before it turned a different shade of purple and once it hit 20 drops it stopped changing colors...so is my calc level 360 or 400...sorry for the nube question. We dont have a test for Carbonate Hardness..will get one this week.



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How do you measure specific gravity? Result?

How do you measure pH? Result?

Who makes the Ca kit you are using?

You'll do good to get an Alk kit and Mg kits. Also good thermometer.