Watch Joey’s Discovery of the Future of Automated Testing!

Reef Kinetics

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After nearly 5 years of loyal ReefBot usage, Joey explores the evolution of this revolutionary technology, highlighting the remarkable modifications and upgrades that have led to the birth of the new ReefBot Lab.

In his latest video, Joey sheds light on the advancements in hardware, software, and design that have propelled the ReefBot Lab to new heights of excellence. From enhanced performance to improved user experience, the ReefBot Lab represents the pinnacle of automated water testing innovation.

But that's not all – the ReefBot Lab is not just for reef aquariums! With its ability to measure 18 different parameters and compatibility with third-party test kits from all the top brands, it's the ultimate solution for freshwater aquariums, ponds, and aquaponic systems alike.[Learn More]


Join Joey and thousands of proud ReefBot adopters from over 57 countries as we embark on a journey towards effortless water testing and unparalleled aquatic health.

Exciting news awaits – the sixth batch of the latest version of the ReefBot Lab is now available for reservations at a discounted price! Head over to the Reef Kinetics online store to reserve yours today. Plus, exclusively for Reef Central users, enjoy an extra special discount by using the promo code “ReefCentral” at checkout.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your aquarium experience with the ReefBot Lab. Reserve yours now and dive into a world of precision, convenience, and innovation!

Happy Reefing!
Reef Kinetics Team