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Can I use a maxi jet 1200, refractometer, digital thermometer, heater 200w, tap water clorinizer, red sea pro salt, and a 55 gallon trash can to make salt water?


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I would STRONGLY suggest not using tap water but instead using RO/DI water. Other than that, you need pinpoint solution to calibrate your refractometer. Be sure the trash can is not metal.


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the maxi-jet 1200 is a good pump for mixing imo, and i agree with the comment by snorvich


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How about using a pure facet filter and would a plastic trash can either white or green work.

Still not enough. +1 with snorvich and Michael. RO/DI is the only real way to start with good water. Gray has worked fine for me. Get something that is food grade.


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there are all kinds of things in tap water that WILL NOT be removed by a simple filter. In example,...cities all across the usa add phosphates into the water at the treatment plant to discourage the pipes from corroding. There are also silicates, and not to mention that most of us have copper pipes of some sorts in our homes. Phosphates and silicates promote hair algae growth...which you dont want. Copper kills corals. And then there are the solids in the water that are undissolved and will also fuel the algae growth. As far as what the solids are composed of depends on what your mind can consider has been dumped in the rivers, lakes, streams, toilets , sinks, all around your area and has made it to the treatment plant and since they dont use RO\ DI....lol...you end up with a lot of lil nasty things in the water that you cant see but WILL give you problems in the long run....dont use tap water.

Good Luck