Well after 2 months...


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I finally have my 180g reef ready to go. I plan on having a nice mix of LPS and SPS. I will post pics after I get some of my current coral in there, most is being "held" for me right now :). For lighting I have 2X250 MH's, 2 VHO's, and 9 LED's. The color spectrum is amazing when everything is lit, it glows a nice bright blue. I only have the return pump, so I am going to have to add 2 Korlai's once I get some acro in there. ASM G3 for skimming.

I am still up in the air as to what fish to put in there. I was thinking one red, purple, and yellow rhinopias...that would be fairly unique, colorful, and reef safe. Or just one or two really rare fish (blue chromis Chris?) that stays in the water current and is 1000% percent reef safe. (not taking a chance from the last time)....open to suggestions

I am hoping to get my coral in there within the next week or so and I will get some pics up right after that.


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Bad Jeff!!

Bad Jeff!!

Bad Jeff........ NO FISH!!!!!!

Wouldn't just coral be so much easier. You just know those Rhinos are gonna sit on your Scolys! Don't do it man.