What Alage is this?


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Dear Friends,
I am suddenly facing this algae problem...

sorry for the unclear pictures... not familiar with my camera.



The system is a 130 gallon 4.5' tank, with LED lighting. never had this problem for the last 1.5 years using LED... i use SEA water to do Water changes... should there have been any nutrients in that?

What algae is it? it is the brown one that is floating like strings attached to the LR...

I tried sucking them out and they come off pretty easily.. and again they form in the same place in a couple of days...

and i have seen the strings go upto about 1 foot long... when touched they are slimy and not-catchable!!! they just float offf...

and there is bubbles on them.. meaning they are breathing...

what algae is this? and how can i get it under control...

kindly help...as i am leaving out of country in a couple of days and wont be here for 15 days..


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looks almost like diatoms that are attached to some sort of macro algae

diatoms would explain how it is easily removed, slimy, un catchable, and the bubbles