What happens if T-5's...?


In Memoriam
What happens if T-5's get water on the bulbs? I want to go with retro fit kits, but not want that have to really concoct something to protect them from water. The reason I ask is because I know nothing happes with Florence(spelling) bulbs but with Halides bad stuff happens...
So what would the outcome be?
T-5's are flourescents. Not a problem to get water on them but like any lights it's good to try and keep them clean for obvious reasons.
No issues IMO, other than if it happens frequently, your bulbs will get crusted over with salt creep with will reduce the amount of light going into the tank. If you have this issue, you just might need to clean the bulbs more often which is not hard, just inconvienent.
Yeah, I will keep them clean I just wanted to make sure I would not burn down my place. And I will be getting waterproof end caps.