What Is On This Zoa Frag?


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Is this bad????



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+1 Red planaria seem to flourish in higher nutrient areas, i had them in my Refugium before. I never saw them in the display.


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I'd stay away from Additives for now. Let nature do the job first. If things get real crazy then try a Flatworm Exit.

:fish1: Please go natural first.

They don't eat SPS and are really just a nuisance :debi:


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You cold also pull out the frags that you see them on, and re dip them to help your wrasse get a head start


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Ya if you look into it when a flatworm dies it expels poison into the water-so figure if all the ones you see die and the 10000 you usually dont see die all at the same time...well thats a lot of poison and has been said to be enough to put a tank in jeopardy. You can start a small siphon with 1/4" tubing and suck a bunch of the buggers out 1st also to help 5he wrasse. Seen them in my fuge before over my time also and did all the above except the exit.
Also look into types of flatworms because dont quote me but I believe I remember reading that a forked tail is okay but a pitchfork tail with 3 tips is no bueno. Check it out.


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Another cool trick to aid you in removal is to use a flashlight as a stationary spotlight at the top of the glass when the lights are out. Little buggers are attracted to light and will come together in the spot light on the glass over the evening and than just use the tube and suck um out.