What is this, id please?


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I didn't notice this the until about the fourth day of my setup.
Having a hard time trying to get a picture of it too.

Yesterday I was busy all day and didn't really check the tank. This morning I noticed this had moved to a new spot. The red circle is where it was when I first saw it. Tank is 11 days old.



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I'll try shooting it from the top tommorrow when I do a water change and shut everything down, but no that's the best shot I've got. It is really small and down in that nook.

A few days ago when I was trying to shoot it in the old spot, it was waving around with the current quite a bit.


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it looks like anemones that I have in my tank...they look like BTAs, but they are only about the size of a quarter and haven't got much bigger in about 5 months..


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Thanks everyone, I still could not get a very good shot of this today.
So as Imm3doorsdown says only time will tell.



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Majano, I had some just like it , Joes Juice it or it will multiply.
here is mine...



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Wouldn't that be nice! It's so small but the tips seem white to me.
The Majanos I've seen have green tips.

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could it be a baby bubble tip anemonea? It has little bulbs on the ends. Check it out?