what is this thing?


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I recently purchased a frag pack of zoanthids, on one of the frags is this creature. It looks like a worm, that is black, about the size of a #2 pencil lead around and maybe one inch long, curled into a circle. It also has a small white cone shaped object in its flesh. The zoanthids on the rock in question have split into two smaller sections instead of all one when I got it. The zoo's closest to the creature are dieing and the others look great. Should i kill the little bastard or is he just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. He moves but have never seen him\her straighten out. It's always curled up. The cone shaped thing under its flesh looks similar to a small snail shell (approx 1/16"). I have a camera but can't find the cable to connect it to my computer. I will try to get some pics soon. Thanks. Scott
normally when I get an unknown creature, I toss it.. but that's just me.. I look forward to seeing a pics to see if it's a known zoa predator..