what lighting should i use for my tank


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Hi i am very new to marine tanks i am waiting for delivery of a 48''x18''20'' tank. i have looked into it but there are so many different opinions on lighting and i am confused on which way to go.

I want to keep soft corals and sps corals and eventually lps corals also fish.

My LFS has recommended a refugium which i am going with as filtration along a protein skimmer. heater coral sand ( he said not to use a DSB with a refugium. He has included a aquaglo 48'' tube and a sylvania coralstar 36w 48'' actintic.

He has said he will tell me what i need in lighting for corals further down the track though he did mention t5's would be better than metal halides as i wouldnt require a chiller for them.

Could anyone tell me what lighting would be best for this setup according to the measurements and what i wish to keep. Would prefer not to buy a chiller but will do so if required.

Any other helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Jess ;)