What Octo is This? (Pic Attached)


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I have had this baby octopus for several days and was hoping you guys could tell me what species it is. It is small, the "head" is the size of the end of your finger. The LFS said it was imported from Haiti, but didn't know the species. I have attached a picture. The red in the middle is because he is enjoying a small red crab for lunch. Thanks for any help! You guys are great!!!
Hi Mike,
you really need to get a few shots of the octopus. Particularly around the mantle, from above and from the side.... Does the octopus have any eye spots on the webbings? Are the webbings deep or barely any at all? How long are the arms? does it usually have a blue irridesence on its body?

Etc etc :) There are appox 300 species it could be!!! Sometimes we just never find out what we have....