What's a good ballast to drive one 110w VHO?


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I have 2 T5 460nm actinic but it's not keeping up with my 250 hqi XM. I'm missing a little pop out of my live stocks. I think 1 super actinic VHO should do the trick so I only need 1. Are there ballast that's made for just 1 VHO?
If you're willing to wait, apparently URI (who make the super actinic T12's) are going to be rolling out super actinic T5's in the next few months. There's a thread in this forum regarding the release date. Might save you from buying another ballast.
I've been following that thread too. Supposed to be out this month if I remember correctly but dates has been just guesstimates.
Workhorse 7 would be good for a 4' VHO. You can pick them up for about $35 and then you'd need a $10 endcap.