where to buy threaded bulkheads


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just getting started on my project...where can i find threaded bulkjeads the cheapest? does HD have em? thanks.


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there is no cheap place that I have heard of--just marine depot or Fish Collection if you are in OC


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I used to go to the LFS but got tired of paying $12-19 per bulkhead. And they never had a great selection anyway.

Now I just get them from marinedepot.com

You can get any type you want, slip-slip, slip-thread, thread-thread, and any size. Much easier than going to a LFS and digging through a bucket of misc parts that are overpriced.



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get them at jeff's... I just picked up some today for 6 bucks each for threaded and threaded. I also got some loclines there and the flares as well as threaded barbs. Way cheaper than other places i went that were selling them for 10 and 15.


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oh yeh and with a platinum membership you save 15% on all dry goods and hardware. haha. makes a small difference.


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hey ant,

if your not buys tomm lets hit up fish collection and jeffs. I havent been to jeffs in a while anyway and you havent been there yet. I gotta get some bulkheads and a few plumbing parts so let me know. We gotta get our projects up and cracking.