White cottonlike fungus growing on rocks


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HI all,
We have a few patches of white cotton like "fungus" growing on the liverock in our tank. Has anyone ever seen this or know what it is & how to treat it?

Also, we have lost 2 anemones in the past 3 weeks, not sure why, tests came out perfect in tank.


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Any chance that you may have some pic's? It may be easier for someone to ID it.

It could be possible that the fungus is a hitchhiker sponge of some sort.

As for the anemone's, I'm not sure on that one. How long has the tank been up and what kind of lights? I've read that anemone's should be a mature aquarium. I haven't added any yet, so I'm not sure how true that is.


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I don't think I would be too concerned about treating the "fungus" unless it really started getting out of control or something.