Wildside Pets @ Higly & Brown


In Memoriam
Someone brought up a new petshop at Higly & Brown that carried saltwater, so I went to check it out. Nice little store, though the saltwater selection is small. The owners were super helpful though. We had been looking for a yellow eye kole tang, and they were willing to order it. It took them a couple of weeks to get one in, but they did. They kept it for a few days to be sure it was eating and looked good. Got it in with no obligation on our part to buy, which was nice. We did buy it, and it seems super healthy so far and is eating well. Their prices are better than most local stores on dry goods--though again,the selection is small. If you're willing to wait a week or two though, they'll order whatever they can for you.

For the other reptile keepers, they have a nice selection of reptiles--a lot they breed on their farm. Healthy and well cared for.

All in all, a very clean store, very open store, with great owners. I will certainly go back for a lot of my needs (and wants!!)