Will a Dart work?

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So I recently started accumulating several tanks (5 to be exact, lets not talk about my wife's excitment:confused:). My plan is to plum my DT into my basement and set up a new frag tank, nem tank, refugium and sump (the last tank will be used for ATO). So my question is I got a Dart and wanted to know if it would suffice to run my DT, frag tank and nem tank all together? The Frag tank and nem tank will be appox 3 feet above pump and the DT will be about 12 to 14 feet above the Dart. Sorry if this is confusing I will try to post a diagram of it later, if possible. I do have a pan world 50pxx now that I could use to run the frag tank and nem tank, however I planned to use this pump for automated water changes. I dont know what the requirements for water turnover is, but I plan to use tunze and Koralia powerheads to supplement flow.
Thanks for any help in advance!!! The more the better, Im really scratching my head on this one:hmm3:.


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Sorry but it won't. A dart has a 12' shutoff. It won't pump water up to your display.

The pxx has a 13' shutoff so it won't work either.

Consider a reeffiller pump for your auto water change system. It is the more ideal solution.