Would using a GFI with a UPS defeat the purpose?


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Hello all,
I have two tanks, a FW and a SW and both have UPS's with AVR. One is APC branded and the other is conexant but I believe it's also made by APC.

I just bought two GFI's to lower the risk of electric shock but now that I think about it the UPS's may never send the voltage irregularities back to the GFI which would defeat the purpose. Should I order more GFIs and attach them to the UPS outlets and attach power strips to that or will it work if I just plug the UPS's into the GFI's?
I worried about the same thing and couldn't find any info, so I opted to not use the UPS. One way to potentially still take advantage of the GCFI would be to attach a GCFI power strip to the BackUPs unit (so the GCFI is _after_ the backUPS). That seemed like too many power strips/wires/parts to me, so I opted not to go that route.

I'm very interested in a difinitive answer to this, though. I've got a few backUPS that I could use :)

Yeah I just called and upped my order two 4 GFI's (I need 2 for each, one for battery protected side, one for surge only.) I figure it's better to be safe than sorry, especially with my 3 year old son around. I also found an interesting thread about how UPS's seem to needlessly trip GFI's due to some leakage in the UPS. I want to keep the UPS's because the power in my area flickers when it gets windy, and that's probably not good for the pumps, metal halides, etc.