Wrap pump in bubble plastic


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My mag 7 is loud. Can I wrap it in shipping bubble plastic to reduce the noise? Is this reef safe? I want to know what you do to reduce noise from pump? Thanks.


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Is the noise mechanical, or from vibration? We have a mag 5 and it's pretty quiet running.

You may just need to isolate the pump so it doesn't buzz against anything. Some people use mouse pads, pieces foam, even silicone blobs under the pump - anything that helps suppress vibration. (of course, if you're running the pump submerged, be careful choosing these materials)


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My guess is that wrapping it in bubble wrap would be bad for the pump. It is made so that it dissipates heat into the water. The bubble wrap, in addition to insulating against noise, would also insulate against heat loss and would likely dammage the pump, or markedly decrease the life...



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don't quote me on this but eventually the plastic from the bubble wrap would contaminate the water. i doubt that stuff is food grade...