WTB: Branching Corals other than Acro


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LF branching corals that are a little more forgiving then acros (because they are for a classroom tank that will be left for weeks at a time during summer), but still would like that stony coral reef look-

LF colorful branching montis (also cap variety), lepto, cyphastrea, favites, or ??

I haven't seen anyone offering these here, so figured I'd ask.

Preferably in or near Huntington Beach or Cerritos or Cypress

Fresh cut is fine

Let me know what you might have and how much you want. Multiple corals from one person would be swell..


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Digi would be your best bet.
Easy, cheap and you can find multiple colors.

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I have some Montipora confusa that I could trade if anyone is interested in it. I really like its under blue light the yellowish color that contrasts the darker polyps (brown, so not spectacular under white light)

This is pretty bullet proof too- survived a crash while I had my daughter's tank's stuff in a bucket for house fumigation and an anemone died and took out a lot of stuff.


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I have a handful of Montipora Digitata colors (green, purple/blue, forest fire, red, etc.) and red Monti Cap frags and mini-colonies available. I'm in Mission Viejo, so not too far of a drive. Please PM me for pics if desired.