WTB Cuttlefish


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There is local fish here in Houston, Tx that has been hatching out cuttlefish for the past 2-3 weeks. Last I was (this past wknd) They had around a dozen or so 1/4 in babies and about 15-20 eggs. You could call them and see if they are sellable and if they ship. They are called Fish Gallery its the houston branch . I beleive they have other stores in Texas also. Hope that helps.


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Talk to your lfs. They can usually get them but choose not to. When I talked to mine, he was excited as me.to order them and charged me $10 for 14 eggs. It's the food that's a pain.


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I believe that they are now being aquacultured by ReefGen and sold thru Live Aquaria

Btw...they have very short life spans