Yuma Ricordea behavior change


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We have had a Yuma Ricordea (well one big one and a small one on the same frag) in our tank for about a month now. It was doing great, spread out and looked comfortable, but over the last week, has started standing taller, for a lack of a better way to describe it. It is located on the same rock with some Florida's which are thriving. Any thoughts? The first pic is when it was new in the tank, the next are how it currently looks. The only difference in the tank is the coral we added in pic number two to the upper right. (I just posted an ID req on that one, not sure what it is). Could it be stinging the Ric?


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It could just be moving i have some mushrooms that stretch up trying to get more light but it looks a little different than your yuma its probably just moving hopefully you will get some babies out of it.


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imo it looks like it's stressed from getting way too much light, I'd put it at the bottom of the tank in the shade to see if it recovers. It may also have been stung or something, either way shade is the best way to go to keep it from stressing any further.


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Did you figure out what the new coral was?
It looks like Galexia. If so, they are aggressive and have long sweepers.


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Wow I didn't even see that, if it's a Galaxea it could definitely be nuking stuff that's pretty far away. Same treatment though with lower light and shade if possible.