100 Gallon Cube Resurrection

Happy Tuesday everyone. My name is Clint and I have been in the hobby for about 8 years now starting out with nano tanks and all in one setups to eventually custom building my now 100 gallon cube from Joe from Glass Cages in Tennessee. I have had the tank running for about two years until I got a bad outbreak of Velvet a couple months ago. I attempted to quarantine all of my fish in a separate tank at my house but the velvet either killed off the fish really quick or some of the fish recovered and then velvet killed them by returning a second time.
I will now be a lot more cautious when acclimating my fish and corals going forward.

Here are some photos of my old setup and another photo of my empty tank this week awaiting its rockwork to be built.

I have a Fiji Advanced Reef 30 sump with custom plumbing. In the sump there is a Vectra M2 Return Pump, refugium light, an AquaMaxx Q-2 in sump skimmer, and two filter socks.

I am highly considering on getting my jump starter kit from Algae Barn for my filter media, refugium sea lettuce, copepods, and bacteria.

I have 4 bags of pink Bimini carribsea sand that I am going to go with.


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