125 Gallon Tank?


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What all am i going to need filtration wise lighting and sand wise for a Fish Only With Live rock tank?
Please Helpo
Hi! I just bought a 125 yesterday!! I am going w/ a FOWLR predator tank.
I am using about 100lbs base rock, and another 75lbs of LR..
An ASM Skimmer, can't remember what # it is, I haven't bought it yet, and a 2-sets of plain-old 36" strip lights.... You do not need high-dollar lighting for this type of set-up....The standard lights that come with a tank are suitable...coraline algae is a low light algae, and will grow without the high intensity lighting....

Are you planning on using a sump??

I am going to try and find a used 55g, or 50g Long, and add a huge refugium to my system. I plan on having a Lionfish, Dog-faced puffer, Magnificent foxface, and an eel....so the Chaeto algae I add to the fuge will help with a bunch of messy eaters, and their bio-load...

Im going to use a 40 gallon long sump i dont know if im going to use that much live rock cause i want them to have swimming room and i think 175lbs or LR will look too much like a reeftank. Im going to go with a UV sterlizer i think as well.