15 gallon lighting help...


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Okay, I have been out of the reef scene for about 6 years now, and I got the itch... and it's bad.

I have a 15 gallon tank 24"x12"x12". I just finished planning the filtration, protein skimmer, and basically everything else... but then there are the freaking lighting choices. I decided against PC and MH on this build because of heat and cost of running the lights. Therefor, I am stuck on the T5 vs. LED debate... and I'm stuck.

T5 decision is TEK 4 bulb 24"

LED on the other hand is a bit of a tricky area. When I got out of the "game", the LED thing was just starting up and I have 0 experience with them. I have been lurking and trying to understand what type of lighting setup I would need for this size tank.

I was thinking that a 24 bulb on this heat sink http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-114/Drilled-and-Tapped-5.9"/Detail with these lights http://www.rapidled.com/servlet/the-54/24-Ultra-Premium-LED/Detail.

The reason I like this heat sink is the bulb config. alternating RB and CW. Unless I'm not going to get even coverage over the tank... Then I would be running the 16"x4.25" But I have no ideas as to the emitter config for that heat sink.

I will also be running a dimmer, and fans.

Sorry to make this so long, I just really want to learn more about this for the size tank.

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Mods could you take this thread down please?

I decided TEK or ATI 4 T5HO:
2 ATI Blue+
1 ATI Purple +
1 ATI AquaBlue Special

Thanks to those of you that read.