16 Gallon Cube


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hey all. just upgraded to a 46 gallon bowfront, and i have no reason to keep this tank up

this tank is a 16 gallon custom acrylic cube, 16" by 16" by 16". this tank is a custom job, with a built in 3 part sump, has an overflow into the first section,(has room for hangon backskimmer), which overflows into the second section wich drps over a drip plate on to a shelf which can hold carbon or a sponge or phosphat pad, which then drips over bioballs(included) which runs under into the third section which is pumpe back into main tank.

pump and return line included,
no livestock,
no liverock,
no livesand,
comes with hood with retrofit 32 watt sunpaq fixture (worked great with lps and soft coral),
bulb may need replacement,
tank 4-5 years old,
numerous scratches(nothing a good buffing couldnt take out)
no cracks or leaks, reefready,
front corners rounded
comes with magfloat,

local pickup only,
150$- can be worked down(worth 350$ new)