1st time sumper


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Been reefing for 15 yrs but my 120 sprung a leak.
Scrambled around and found a used 180 with stand and sump. An Oceanic model 150plus sump20220607_150101.jpg. I've searched everywhere for some info on this. My tank has overflows in the back corners with a drain bulkead and a return bulkhead in each one.
Should there be a standpipe for thatl overflow or can it just drain out through the bulkhead fitting in the bottom? Seems every sump I've seen has one...
Apparently Oceanic maybe isn't available anymore? Guess that might mean this thing is old as dirt. Searched internet and YouTube for this sump and nothing. Not even sure what goes where in the sump.
A picture would be awesome if anyone would happen to have this sump.
External pump.
Not sure where all the bio balls go for certain .
pic of the sump attached.


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Oceanic has been out for a while (I believe they got aquired) but last I knew their stuff was still quality. I will say that is a very unique sump design I don’t recall seeing

Even looking at Oceanics website in the way back machine, I’m not seeing anything that looks like that.