2 gigantea's touching?


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HI there.

I have 2 gigantea's that are now touching each other. I figured same species and shouldn't be an issue but thought i would check anyways.
The one has just expanded so much the last day or two that they are touching.


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Seriously though. If they are both healthy, they will be fine touching each other. If one or both of them is a new introduction, it could be carrying a bacterial infection that can spread to the other.


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OKay we'll i am not so sure they are very happy with this arrangment that they have put themselves in. The purple one doesn't seem to really care but i think what has happened is the flow is now getting blocked to the yellow one.

So what to do now???

Video is uploading now.


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I think it's better if they don't touch but if they do it's really not a showstopper. I have 4, 2 of which constantly touch and 2 of which occasionally touch. There's no issue. I'll try to dig up a thread that shows the first two touching..