2 new mantis


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Got a shipment of LR in from gulfview and much to my boyfriends delight we found two mantis in the bad after unpacking the liverock. They were out of the rock (much to my delight) but still alive. He'd like to keep them and give them a little set up.
space requirements?
Can two live in the same tank?

If not, who wants one? *grin*
Not sure of species......they're both in a cup right now until we can get something set up. need help ASAP.


Angela <><
Ecplise systems will work. I have one in a 20g. 4" DSB, 4 pieces of rock. Tank has a Prism skimmer and 10g sump with rock and macro algae. Any established small system that could house fish safely will do. Post any more questions you might have.