2 SEIO 1100's & 2 MJ1200's - 90g 48" L 24"H 18"W -


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I am converting to SPS on a 1+ yr aged tank.

I am approximating 1100*2 + 300*2 = 2800 gph/90g = 31.1X turnover rate.

I know its on the low end but I have sand in my tank
200lbs LR and a 30 G sump.

I am worried my fish wont be able to handle it, and my sand will swirl and create very cloudy water...

Currently all I have are tangs :

2 blue hippo
powder blue
yellow tang
purple tang
Koles tang
banded goby
lawnmower blenny
IMO, it's almost impossible to have too much flow for reef fish. Compared to what they thrive in on the reef, our water movement is generally mellow in comparison.

Just my take - I'm not big into Tangs but the ones I saw diving didn't seem to have issues with the wave movement that I did.
You shouldn't have an issue with the sand and the fish will be fine. If your sand is established for a year, then it will not blow around as much as a new bed either. If I were you, I would even consider getting the 1500's instead of the 1100's.

On my 75 I have 2 1100's, 2 Maxi jet 1200's and a Mag 9.5 as my return. I have good flow throughout and no problems with the sand bed. The 4 fish I have are not bothered at all by the flow. Kole tang, Maroon clown, Six line wrasse, and a Royal gramma.
ive got a 90 same dimensions with sandbed: seio 1500, stream 6000 and a cut nozzle mj1200 plus a slow return. I have a little sand shifting at times but i kind of like how it makes little dunes and i have no sandstorm issues. I am considering upping to the 6100 and hopefully ill have enough to take the 1500 out. It is just big and hard to mount out of view. i may try to hide it first, but it will likely be aimed the same direction as the stream unless i get real creative
Wow thanks for your input, I will be using hte SEIO 1100's with 2 maxijets and rio 14 HF on my return and a rio 1700 on another return for a fuge. This plumbing is getting really confusing.

Is $50.00 for the 1100's a good deal, and I would have purchased the 1500's but their out of stock.
ikn0xl, take this for what it is worth but I would rethink using the Rio 1700 pump. That series of Rio pumps 1700, 2100, 2500 etc ( the regular Rio pump from Taam and not the hyper flows ) have had a terrible track record for stopping, overheating and melting the inside and releasing poisons into the tank water. I myself have lost my 75 gallon reef once to a Rio 2500 meltdown. You can search through Reef central and find many others with the same experiences. I would switch that out for another pump if it were me.

I do not have any experience with the hyper flow models by Rio but I think they are made differently and do not have the same problems. I myself still use a Rio product made by Taam and use 2 Rio Seio 1100 pumps in my current 75 and have never had a problem. The Seio pumps can be finicky to restart when shut off but at least I have never heard of a tank meltdown from one.

Again this is just a little heads up from my experiences and research from other users and am just trying to save you a headache down the line.