250w Halides


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Gauging interest only at this point.....

I have (2) 250w Corlavue ballasts (new expoxy coated blue ones) with reflectors. They were new in Nov. 05. I am running 10k reeflux single ended bulbs. They have an honest burn time of 2 months tomorrow. I run them 8 hours a day.

I am considering upgrading to either 400w or to go DE 250w for the new 120g.

Throwing this out to see the response. Thanks for looking.

I have not even thought about price to be honest. I was just looking to see if there was interest in these at all.

I am trying to learn more about this HQI thing and if it's worth moving up to this or not for my setup. A lot to learn for that stuff still.
Your corals sure look good under your present lighting. I am not sure you will pick up enough added par to be worth your time to change lights.
I was worried about the extra height of the 120g. It's 4" taller. I am sure they will be fine, but I want to keep my options open.