250w pendant, sump/skimmer, misc parts still available!

a rock kid

New member
Still have a bit of stuff left that I need to get rid of. Lots of interest, not too much follow through.

250w pendant w/ 15k XM bulb and internal ballast(about 6 months left)- $125 (have an extra 20k bulb with maybe 2-3 months left, free, not sure of brand)
200w heater-$10 (or free with anything else)

Overflow box (I believe rated 600gph)-$20
Mag 5- $35 (only a few months old)
CPR sump/skimmer with gravity fed top off-$125 (rated 100g)
Misc plumbing (returns, etc)-$20

Or take whole sump setup for $175

I'm available any evening except Thursdays, and all day M W and Sunday. Also open to interesting trades.