29gal sump


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I want to build a 29gallon tank sump for my 55gal tank. However, it is not drilled. I know I'll need a overflow box, but was wondering if anyone has any previous designs for a 29gal? Or any advice or measurements for baffle placement?


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Just do a search for sump design and you'll find a million ideas. Everyone wants different things or has different needs. Come up with a list: do you want filter socks? a refugium? DSB?

Also when you're talking about drilling you're referencing the 55Gal DT right? Because there is no reason to drill a sump unless you are connecting 2 tanks together. As far as drilling the 55 gal though I would read this tread on the BeanAnimal overflow system:http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1310585