48" Giesemann INFINITI MH/T5 combo for sale


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$550 + shipping.
I picked this up from dburt520 a couple weeks ago, and it's just not going to work for me. Here's a quote from his previous for sale ad:

"(2) 250W MH - 14K Phoenix Bulbs - about 60 hours on them (brand new for a MH)
4(54W) T5's - Currently in the fixture are 2 ATI Blue Plus and 2 ATI Actinic's.

Fixture has Lumatek Dimmable / Multi-Wattage Ballast - These are like brand new as well, with only about 2 weeks worth of use on them. Powers 150W, 175W, 250W and HQI Lamps."



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I'm sorry to those that have inquired, but I have decided to keep the light and give it a fair shake before dumping it.

Light is back up, and installed.

carlos danger

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How's the light working? Do you like it so far? I was thinking about going with this light. I've read some mixed reviews though.

m-six hundred

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I have this light and love it! If I were to do it again I'd get the spectra model instead of the Infiniti. Single ended vs double ended.