55 Non RR tank with sump, overflow, sand , lights $250 or $290 with return pump..


In Memoriam
FIRM PRICING........$250 or $290 with Gen X Return Pump......DOESNT COME WITH ROCK, FISH, CORALS, OR POWER HEADS...........

Hello all, as many of you know I am selling these all seperatly, but wanted to throw it as a bundle as well. I will sell the tank, stand, lights, sump, overflow box, and sand and plumbing for $250 and thats firm because I was asking about 70 more for all 3. I wanted to give the RC guys/gals a chance before this goes to Craigslist this weekend, I need it out the living room. So let me know if anyone is interested. Its bascially a complete setup, I also have a Gen X 4100 rated 1085 GPH Return pump ill throw in for an extra $40 bucks. Its in great shape and only a year old. Thanks

I am heading out to work and will answere all questions when I return around 1pm. Thanks everyone...