6010 noises

The Locust

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i have 2 stream 6010s one is perfectly silent and the other is making a fast clicking. i saw your thread on the 6100 making noise and took the entire thing apart completly and cleaned off all calcium deposits and gunk. i re checked everything again when i was putting it back together it all looks perfect, brake shoes slide in and out smoothly the red vibration dampener ring is in place correctly and the top and bottom bearings are on straight. the unit is about 2" under the water and doesnt suck in any air so i dont think its air trapped in the drive unit. any other suggestions on fixing the noise?
Let it run a while? Is it less than 3months old? Also, this can be normal on very low power settings- 30%. Check that the driver is at full power.
yes less than 3 months old. the multicontroller is varying from 30% to 100%. i also cant tell if i put it together right. it locked up for about a minute after a few hours back in operation.
The main mistakes people make on reassembly is loosing the red oring on the bottom and inserting the top collar piece crooked. If it is less than 3 months old it is still wearing in and I would just let it run. Most break in is completed in 2 weeks but for about 3 months their is still some wearing of parts to get proper fit. If you have further problems you knwo where to reach me but most noise problems remedy themselves in a couple weeks.