6101 fell off bracket


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I have it mounted on a tunze magnet. The top swivel arm keeps coming disconnected and the pump drops. Is there a fix or tip I could use ?


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Do you mean the swivel arm is coming out of the groove in the pump? I would first make sure that all 6 tabs on the swivel arm are engaged in the groove. It is not uncommon that I see pumps where the arm was slid in at an angle and 2-4 teeth are not in the groove. If the groove is worn out a bit, the best solution I have found is to gently heat the bottom of the arm, holding it with pliers, over a gas stove so the plastic becomes soft but not blistered or deformed, you should see it just start to look shiny and wet. Then slap it down on a cutting board so it flattens and spread just a bit.