7094, how does it control the pumps?


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Any details on how the 7094 controls the output of the pumps?

What does it supply as a reference to set the pump at 30% to 100%.

And any pinout info on the unit for the DIn sockets?.

Using a 7094 at the moment but may add a computer at a later date and would like to use some spare pumps on the computer to give even more random wave patterns.
I can't discuss this info but we are one step ahead of you. While it is still in the R & D phases we hope to be able to offer this option in the not to distant future. It gets complicated when it comes down to which port to use, how to design the interface, what price will the market bear. It is obviously expensive to have software programmed and if we go with the ultimate design we have considered it could top $500. Give us some time, we have alot of exciting new products that are only maybe 6 months from release.
Look forward to this item

Was thinking about IKS basicaly a intel based aquarium (europe) computer that has a module that can supply 0 to 10 Volts DC, initialy intended for the control of T5 flours.

I was thinking if this could be used to control Turbelle pumps etc hence the question.

Any plans to interface to common Aquarium computer systems?

Or will your unit also offer complete control of Ph probes lighting, pumps etc

Fully understand if you are unable to supply further details at this time.

We basically want a sophisticated flow generating interface for the home PC. We haven't closed the book on any options. Based on what you describe the IKS interface will not work. The basic goal is to develop a flow solution for large zoos and public aquaria, this would be the primary market for this device. It is likely their will be a basic version and an advanced version.