75 gallon frag tank with closed loop


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Here are some pictures of my 75 gallon frag tank I am in the process of setting up in the garage. I am using Gen-X8500 for the return pump, and will have an Octopus 200 for the skimmer. The closed loop consists of a Reeflow Sequence Dart for the pump (2 1.5" suctions and 4 3/4" outlets) the outlets are controlled by 2 SCWDs (trying out to see if enough flow). The lighting is 2 400W MHs 20K bulbs mounted in an old poolhall Miller Lite light.






I still have to finish the sump (install baffles) after I get the skimmer and then plumb the return pump.

What do you think?



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How much flow are you blasting thru that tank with the Dart?

Not as much as I would like. I think I will be removing the SCWDs soon because of the amount of flow reduction. Just thought I would give them a try ($200 cheaper then the OM).


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man, the idea is to grow out, at as low a cost as possible.

Darts use so mush power, they are great for a display where you do not want to see pumps.

In a frag tank, who cares what it looks like. Drop some power efficient powerheads in there like the Hydor Koralia. For 8.5 watts you get 1200 GPH, that is hard to beat.