75 gallon


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I am in the process of setting up a 75 gallon, buying all the equipment and such. HOw much sand should I put in the tank? Whats everyones favorite sand?


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The amount of sand is totally up to you...
I like a nice 2" sand bed, something realistic looking but not 6"deep.
My favorite has always been the Special Grade Reef Sand. 60-70 lbs will give you about 2" I did 40lbs dry, and 20 lbs alive to kick start my cycle.

Good luck!



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my favorite sand has always come from my LFS in a bucket that was in someone else's tank a couple of days before :)

HOWEVER, back when i first started i used Caribsea like pictured above

for a 75 I would personally use 80lbs, i like a tad deeper, not much, but a tad