$750 24" Giesemann Spectra w/ 250w m80 ballast - only 5 months old


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I bought this light brand new at the beginning of March 2016 from BRS. It also comes with a new 250w m80 ballast by Hamilton, also purchased in March.

I am selling because I found a good deal on a ATI Hybrid fixture and my corals are coloring up very nicely for a lot less energy and heat.

I'm located in Modesto and I am willing to drive as far as Dublin/San Jose but prefer someone picking it up since I have 3 little kids.


Bulbs Included -

(2) 250w radium, 1 with 6 months use, 1 with 3 months use

(2) blue+ bulbs with 5 months use (10 hours per day)

(2) actinic bulbs with 5 months use (10 hours per day)



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I've had my new light for a little over a month and all the colors are coming out nicely. I am ready to part with this light.

I will drop the price to $650.