90 gallon sump


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I have just finished up building a biocube 29 and took out the bioballs and the little sponge they had and followed ReefThuz from YouTube advice to use Seachem matrix carbon 100ml, seachem matrix about 250ml in a 6x12 media bag and 2 eshopps filter that fit perfectly. Everything is running smoothly other than a little cloudy but its only been set up since Sunday.

My question is, I also have a 90 gallon that I recently removed the bioballs and now have it filtering into a sock and then goes through a couple of sponges before it gets sent back up to the main tank. Tank has been set up since April 30th. The sump is probably 20 gallons and unfortunately does not have dividers to set up separate chambers. I was wandering if maybe I should be using the same carbon set up and matrix in a media bag for the big tank? My big tank parameters are all good when I checked them yesterday