A few Frags F/s


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So its raining and I actually have time to do a little reefing. Last week I changed up my display and moved a bunch of things around/ fragged a few things. Heres whats new.
Utter chaos 1p frag 20$ 3p frag 40$

vivid rainbows 10pp 3p/25$ entire minicolony 9+ polyps 60$
red hornets 10PP

My Signature palys have a few minicolonys for 40$ or 8$pp

And a lot!!! more, lots of 5$ frags

Bali tricolor acro 10$
ora scripps stagg acro 5$
reverse tricolor 15$
bonsai 10$
sour apple B/n 5$
Bird of Paradise 5$
reverse sunset monti 15$
Orange cyphastrea 10$
neon green cyphastrea 10$
Teal stag 5$ per inch
x factor cap 5$ per inch
red cap free with purchase have some nice mini colonys for 20$
+ more

3 polyps duncan 25$
4 polyps green/ purple tip hammer 25$
dragon soul favia mini colony 40$
various chalice's 5$+

nuclear green minicolony 10+ polyps 15$
speckled Green implosion 3$pp
blue ice 3PP several mini colonys for 15$
mean green 15$
Fire and Ice 5$pp
purple hornets 10$pp
quite a few more.

lots of various mushrooms 2/5$

I have probablly an extra 25lbs of nice rock that I can let go of some with corals if you like. 3$lb, 5lb increments only plz you can buy it all

best way to reach me is to text me @727 470 5276 thx Jay...


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So if you have ever wondered if you can rip out your coral change up your rockwork catch some overgrown fish and not cause a cycle, well it took about 7-8 hours but yes.
FTS before

corals were fine in containers for about 3 hours

I did remove a couple weeds, stunner, cap, scroll etc... but i added afew things ive been holding onto.