A simple question of attachment


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I have a 120G reef tank filled with beautiful coral. I also have a frag rack where, for the past several months, I've grown out cuttings of acro, birds nest, staghorn, etc. Last year a friend gave me a very small frag if a purple-colored plate coral, which has rested on the frag rack since I added it to my tank. Well, it's now 3 times the size it was when I received it (it's now about 3 inches wide and thriving!). I'm out of room on my live rock, and honestly don't have a ledge high enough in the tank to attach it to. Can anyone suggest where a plate coral coral can be mounted and how to mount it? It doesn't have a flat edge and it's thin and fragile and I don't want to break it. What do I do with this beautiful little specimen?