A wonderful book

This only to thank You, Anthony, for your great book and for the readiness in answering my multiple *and in bad english!* questions in the past, by e-mail! When your ongoing books will be out? There will be a book of coral propagation vol.2?

Marco Candini
Cheers, Marco :)

Thanks kindly to you for saying so, my friend.

Chatting with friends and sharing information and opinions is a high point of each day for me.

I have missed a lot of that lately for having recently finished one of our new books, Reef Invertebrates. It will be at the bindery through March and will ship out sometime in April. It turned out beautifully if I do say so myself! We had projected a March 2003 release last year, but I ran over on content :p Each of the three volumes was intended to be about 300 pages, but the editors were trying hard to keep the first volume under 400 pages! They did a very good job though and it looks like we will only be a month late for it. There is no change in price to the book either for the extra content added :D Its a good thing that Fenner and I aren't writing only for the money... just the hot chicks :D Ha!

As far as the second volume of BOCP, I had hoped to have it out early this year already. I even had 2/3 of it done by summer last year. But I got sidetracked with Bob writing this new series of books and will return to the coral prop book ASAP.

With kind regards,


PS... your English is very fine, my friend. In time, I will visit you in Italy and perhaps chat aquaristics in Italian :)
When You will come in Italy and will be my guest you will see wonderful natural places, old cities, art, good food ... but, much more important... HOT CHICKS, sure!!! :smokin:
The only problem is that after seeing my tank you will never appreciate your little 30000092930 galloons again... :lol: