adding a 2nd firefish & Neon Goby


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is it possible to add a 2nd firefish & Neon Goby if the tank has 1 of each already?

Thank you


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Depending on the size of your tank it should work. I've done the same with the firefish and it worked out.


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keep a close eye on the neon gobies. Both times I've tried to add two that weren't already an establishes pair one was always seeking out the other and being very aggressive towards it, and that was in a 150 gallon system. I figured that was more than enough room for those two little buggers, apparently it was not.


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I've read a lot on the firefish and read that it might not be a good idea, I was contemplating another one as well but chose not to.


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I've had a purple in my tank for about 2 years, i added re regular one in about a month ago with no issues, they even have burrows near each other.

A sea K

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Never worked for me, even in the room a 210 offers. It's a shame too as I really like firefish and having multiples in a tank would be great.


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I have a 100gallon cube and my first two fish are purple headed fire fish.

Both swim together and live in the same cave together.

It's only been 2 weeks but they seem like buddies to me. They were introduced together.

The LFS had about 8 in a small 10 gallon.


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I have a 110 gallon with a purple firefish and lots of rock. Added a regular firefish about two weeks ago because I had read that I should be able to keep two in a large tank. A few days later I added a mandrian dragonet. I haven't seen the "normal" firefish since.

It certainly didn't jump (I've checked). I'm not sure if it's dead or just hiding out in the rocks.


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I added 2 purple firefish to a quarantine tank. They appeared to get along during the day, but the following morning they were both dead.