adding additional hydra 52


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I have recently tried to add an additional hydra 52 to my existing system of 2 hydra 52 using the ai director. The new hydra was much more intense in comparison to the others when added to the system. I tried deleting it from the director and rediscovering with no success. I tried deleting all 3 and then rediscovering without success. Any ideas?

Rubicon Beast

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I have three Hydra 26's. One of them went bad on me and got replaced under warranty. The newer light is noticeably more blue than the others.

Although my wife doesn't notIce, I find it distracting. When I asked AI customer service (who were great, BTW), I was told that LEDs differed from batch to batch.

I am learning to accept things as they are. I know, it's not the answer either of us want. If you find out a different solution, please let me know.