Adding An Other Tang


I am running a 80g with a 3.5" purple tang.

Is the size OK to add either a chevron or powder blue tang?

If so, how to do that by avoiding the purple picking on him?



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I feel the best bet is to take the purple out and put in the sump. Move rock work around then add both of them at the sametime. With my 250 I had a tough time adding tangs in the tank, it was a process. Finally I had a group of 8-9 all diffrent tangs none being similar. Even closely looking alike like a naso and a blonde naso will create a fight, atleast in my experience. I feel that was one of thr toughest items to do in this hobby. To spend that mucb on a fish just to see it get picked on. Good luck.

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You will get lots of different opinions on this. Mine is no, don't do it. The purple, chevron and powder blue are territorial and mean. In the long run, I believe the powder blue would end up king douche of the tank.

80g is marginally large enough for one of those. I have one chevron in my 100g and I've had a purple tang, though not at the same time. I've been keeping fish over 40 years and have never seen such territoriality as I saw out of my chevron when I added a flame hawkfish (and I've kept African cichlids). The chevron even slashed the hawk with his knives. Mean, territorial, aggressive, persistent, intolerant aren't sufficiently strong as adjectives to describe the intensity of the chevron's intruder defense behavior.
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