advice on lair


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my O. scyallarus (pretty sure I botched the spelling on that one) has dug her way down to the glass bottom. I've got about 3"-4" of sand (mixed of fine oolitic to FL broken shells). she's using the glass as an anvil to crack hermits open, and is making me more than a might uncomfortable with the though of 20 gallons of tank on the floor. If I put her in a holding container and put a PVC pipe into her lair (which is under the biggest rock in the tank) would she go for it or am I SOL? I was planning on getting a 45deg elbow for it, and having it T in the back.
Can't answer your question, but can give a different suggestion...

Put a piece of egg crate on the bottom under the sand. Fill the egg crate with sand. Put a piece of acrylic on top of the egg crate. Put the rest of the sand on top of that. So when she gets to the "bottom", she can only get to the acrylic.